SEO – the Mindshark Marketing Way

There are a lot factors that determine success when it comes to SEO, while there is no debate on how important content is, a lot of mud surrounds the methods that give great results all the time. A recurring victory is the perfect scenario for both the client and Mindshark Marketing. How Mindshark Marketing attains the numbers that keep impressing clients is not a fluke, it has never been. They have mastered the key elements of managing content and have integrated it into the way they do everything else.

Mindshark Marketing provides clients with more than enough incentive to read through their writing. This is not always the case when users visit a website for the first time, a lot of them just speed their eyes around for what they are looking for and move on. The websites that they stick their eyes on and actually read through the entire plate of content should be very good. This is what happens with content and websites run by Mindshark Marketing more than not. The quality of the content can never be overstated. The higher the quality of the content, the better chance that it gets listed and that if read (which it gets 100% of the time) it converts.

When it comes to keywords, the quality of content can be put to spoils if readers are not searching for the words in the body. A good instance would be a website selling clothes, they would do good having the best pictures and clothes articles on their website. All that without inclusion of the words and phrases that are used by people to search for their clothes online would be a recipe for no visitors. Mindshark Marketing optimizes content with a density of the search terms noticed by search engines to be regularly typed in. This means a lot of their websites rank because of organic efforts.


When it comes to maintaining a good rankingsĀ on search engines, being fresh is one attractive thing that gets their attention. Mindshark Marketing has experienced the effects of having new content across all their platforms, staying on top of the results pages because of these actions is something they are a major at. The algorithms that determine what gets seen first when a person searches anything, want current information to be seen opposed to stale outdated content. Which is why everyday a new article gets posted on all their assets. Not only does it force search engines to find the websites better, the clients themselves get a boost from having to stay up to date with everything happening in their industry.

A lot of the other methods implemented by Mindshark Marketing also propel their clients towards better results. Vertical efforts, such as inclusion of rich media in the content are areas where originality and very high quality make Mindshark Marketing a mover and shaker among other agents doing the same thing but failing. The Mindshark Marketing way yields consistent results 100% of the time.